Samsung Galaxy Note 10 And 10+ Pre-Orders Available; Get The Note 10+ Memory Upgrade 512GB Free

Keep calm and take Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series is making its way to Malaysia, with pre-orders made available now until August 18. The series comes in three variants; the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB) are priced at MYR3699 and MYR4199 respectively and for those looking at a bigger capacity, the Galaxy Note 10+ with 512GB is also available for free if you pre-order. The usual retail price goes for MYR4799.

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ comes in 3 different colours. The Note 10 comes in Aura Pink, Aura Black, and Aura Glow. The Galaxy Note 10+ doesn't have the Aura Pink but instead has Aura White.

The main difference between the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 + is the size; the Note 10 comes with a 6.3-inch Cinematic Infinity Display, while the Note 10+ is bigger with 6.8-inches. It's one of the biggest Note displays ever launched by Samsung that's still easy to hold and use.

The new features to look out for on the Note 10 series includes the Handwriting to Text feature where users can jot down notes and instantly convert their handwriting to digital text in Samsung Notes. It can even be exported into different formats including Microsoft Word.

The ever powerful S Pen has new capabilities added on from its previous Note 9 iteration; where now there's added Air Actions that gives you more control on certain aspects of the device using gestures with the S Pen. This can be done to control your camera even from far, or even use it for your favourite games or apps.

The Note 10 series continues to be a powerful tool for content creators as now users can edit-on-the-go instantly, right from their phone. So instead of users having to tap, select or edit a clip, users can choose the prices moment they want to trim.

There are plenty of goodies to look out for when you pre-order the Galaxy Note 10 or 10+. If you pre-order the Galaxy Note 10, you get complimentary gifts worth MYR1058 which includes the Galaxy Buds, Wireless Battery Pack and Protection Plus. If you pre-order the Galaxy Note 10+, you'll get complimentary gifts worth MYR1159 and instantly get the memory upgrade to 526GB, together with the Wireless Battery Pack and Protection Plus.

You can pre-order and find out more about the Galaxy Note 10 series on their website.