Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 sold without fanfare in Malaysia

With its specs and price, the updated version of the unremarkable Galaxy Mega is a hard sell
Galaxy Mega 2 sold without fanfare in Malaysia

For bigger phone models like the flagship Samsung Galaxy and the Galaxy Note, Samsung will pull out all the stops and push it in your face. But for the other mid-range models, you'd be lucky to get a press release out. So no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 has suddenly appeared at big retail chain Senheng.

Senheng is known for carrying everything from vacuum cleaners to hair dryers to laptops. The Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 is likely being marketed as an Android phone for smartphone users who don't want to pony up the big bucks for Samsung flagship models. But the price to spec ratio isn't very good for this model so you can understand why Samsung didn't bother marketing it.

8GB? Really?

Galaxy Mega 2 sold without fanfare in Malaysia

With Xiaomi and even Oppo selling mid-range phones for attractive retail prices, it is unclear why anyone would pay RM1299 for a decidedly mediocre specced phone like the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2.

Senheng hasn't been very detailed with the specs but from the marketing material, the Galaxy Mega 2 is running Android KitKat, powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core processor. The hefty 6-inch screen put it in phablet territory though you could call this a midrange phablet due to the pricing.

Memory-wise, it has 1.5GB RAM but a paltry 8GB of internal storage. With Android no longer allowing apps to be moved to SD cards, this is a big negative point for this model despite the microSD slot. The camera is also 8MP, a not particularly impressive range in a time when phone cameras seem to be moving into the double-digits.

Money-wise, the Galaxy Grand 2 might actually be better buy for someone looking for a cheaper, but larger phone.

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[Source: GSMarena]