Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Likely To Launch In South Korea February 12

It will have IR capabilities oooohh

Samsung had been teasing about releasing their own version of the Google Mini since 2018, but nothing has been said about it ever since. But it looks like Samsung's very own smart speaker device is hitting South Korean market after an article was posted on Samsung Korea.

Funnily enough, it seems that the article was an accident as it has since been taken down. Being the internet, though, there is a screenshot of the article in Korean that states the Galaxy Home Mini will be arriving to Samsung’s home market of South Korea on February 12, which will be the very day after Samsung’s Unpacked event will take place in San Francisco. The article also states that the speaker is expected to arrive for KRW 99,000 (~MYR342).

Being a Samsung voice assistant device, the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini utilises Bixby and comes with two built-in microphones allow for voice recognition at long distance. Most importantly, Samsung aims to make the device stand out by giving it an IR remote control function. This will actually enable you to make changes, like volume or channels, on the device without using voice controls.

Even if the date of the launch is wrong, it seems that we can at least look forward to Samsung making some announcement on the Samsung Galaxy Home during the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked.