Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 now official in China

UPDATE: Phone now official on Samsung China website

Samsung is bringing the flip phone back with its Galaxy Folder 2.

Throwback central

We're not sure when Samsung decided to go all retro on us, but the Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 reminds us of that time when flip phones were essential accessories.

Never mind the phones would eventually have the hinge break on us, rendering the phone unuseable, which led to the eventual demise of the design. But apparently some miss the flip phone or the ability to just put a lid on a conversation, because that's what the Galaxy Folder 2 seems to be about as the specs are nothign special. The display is a mere 3.8in WVGA after all, hardly anything you'd want to watch video on or take a selfie with.

There's also a Snapdragon 425 chip, think quad-core, 1.4GHz. It has 2GB of RAM and perhaps 16GB flash storage, besides an 8MP rear camera with a 5MP camera in front. Battery-wise, it has a 1950mAh battery which isn't very big but the Folder 2 isn't likely to need much juice, we gather. Somehow though, the phone is running Marshmallow with Touch Wiz on top.

In case you didn't know the Galaxy Folder 2 had its predecessors but they haven't been shipped outside Korea and China. Perhaps they're being marketed to older generation folks who like the form factor of the old flip phones and want an actual working keyboard? Anyhow, don't hold your breath for this to start shipping worldwide. You will probably have better luck shopping for one in China.

Note to LG: No, we don't want the Chocolate to come back. Honest.

UPDATE: The phone is now official on the Samsung China website, with its specs confirmed to include a Snapdragon 425 chip (1.4GHz quad-core) with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a microSD slot.

It will be running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, with an 8MP rear camera with LED flash and a 5MP front camera. The battery is rated at 1950mAh with Samsung saying it has 318 hours on standby.

As to how much it costs and when it will be available, there's no news on that yet but expect it to launch in China first. The rest of the world? Unlikely as the last Galaxy Folder didn't make it outside China and Korea but you never know.

[Source: GSMArena]