Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-Order Campaign For Malaysia To Be Announced

It's finally happening!

Is this it? Is this FINALLY it? Yes, yes it is. Malaysia is finally getting the Samsung Galaxy Fold this month, with a pre-order campaign set to happen soon.

We just reported that if you're keen to flex, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Fold at Malaysia's Mobile2Go if you're really keen to be one of the first among your peers to have one. But being an international set, it costs MYR13,888 so you might as well have some level of patience (the flexing can wait) and wait for the official Malaysian launch as the expected price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in Malaysia will be around MYR8000.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold had been sold in many countries throughout the world, including Singapore where the Galaxy Fold was sold out on the first day of sales itself on September 19. While Samsung did not provide any numbers, the press release claimed that "thousands" have registered their interest to purchase the foldable smartphone.

Let's see if Malaysians will follow suit as well. As soon as we get more information, we will share it! Until then, do check out the official Samsung Galaxy Fold page on Samsung Malaysia's website for more info on the device.