Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Imminent Says Samsung Display Top Official

Still no news on when it will be officially launched yet though

After the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was forced to be delayed due to various durability issues, we've been in the dark as to when will it officially be available. For now, the only clue we have comes from a Samsung Display official.

During a special forum held to mark the 20th anniversary of the Korea Information Display Society at Intercontinental Hotel Seoul Parnass in Seoul, Kim Sung-chul, vice president of Samsung Display stated that: "Foldable phones are ready for volume production, and we are also on standby."

With this, industry experts have stated that the release of the Galaxy Fold is imminent, though any official dates and whether the durability issue has been fixed was not addressed.

Even so, Kim predicted that foldable displays would develop rapidly in the future. "We need ultra-portable, ultra-immersive and ultra-smart displays in the 5G era,” Kim said. He also believes in the three keywords that would characterise future displays – rollable, stretchable and custom design.