The Fixes Samsung Is Bringing To The Galaxy Fold

When you break the mold too hard.

Samsung set themselves up to be the first major company to release a foldable smartphone with the introduction of the Galaxy Fold earlier this year. Since then, the early reviews have shown off a number of design flaws with the phone, prompting the phone to be delayed indefinitely.

Early reviewers of the Galaxy Fold cited a lot of problems with the actual functionality of the folding screen. With foreign debris getting stuck between the hinges as one of the issues, as well as the screen cracking and just flat-out not working after a day of use. Besides that, the phone is essentially great, very similar to the S10 series.

Naturally, Samsung aims to rectify that and get the phone out by this year as promised. According to Korean news outlet Yonhap News, the company has been hard at work at improving the Galaxy Fold. The improvements include protective hinges on the phone’s sides to prevent the gathering of foreign debris, and also by laying down the protective layer of the phone’s screen into the body, rather than it being on top of it like a screen protector.

Overall, these improvements should give more confidence to consumers on the idea of a folding smartphone. If we can’t perfect it yet, is it really worth it to jump into folding laptops in the future? This upgraded Galaxy Fold might just be released in June, though Samsung should really give it some more time to be the smartphone that consumers deserve.