Samsung could soon be selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7s

A way to recoup its investment, perhaps

In news that seems hard to believe, it seems that Samsung will be selling the Galaxy Note 7 phone again.

It won't be new units, however. Instead Samsung will be selling refurbished units that Samsung thinks should be safe to use.

Risky proposition

The rumour says that the sale of these refurbished units will likely begin next year, with emerging markets such as Inda and Vietnam being the target burden.

It feels slightly ludicrous, considering earlier reports that all the phones would be disposed of but it looks like Samsung might not be so keen on setting all those phones on fire.

The thing is, Samsung has still not revealed whether it knows the source of the Galaxy Note 7 fires and the ban on Galaxy Note 7 smartphones are still ongoing on major airlines.

Despite it being a story revealed by an undisclosed industry insider, re-releasing the Galaxy Note 7 seems like a risky proposition but seeing how many people still refuse to return their (possibly) faulty Galaxy Note 7 maybe it won't be a bad idea after all?

Still, if you're into the Note line, perhaps waiting for the latest one might be a better, safer bet.