Samsung could be rushing out the Galaxy S8

New phone's appearance might be attempt to banish memories of the Galaxy Note 7

While Samsung is still investigating its Galaxy Note 7 issues, rumour is that the Galaxy S8 series might be coming out earlier than expected because of the Note 7 drama.


Two Galaxy S8 models in the works?

In the usual tradition of Samsung's model releases, there seem to be two Galaxy S8 phones being prepped. We're guessing one will be the 'base' model and the other will be a larger 'Edge' version.

It's just a rumour at this point though but sources say Samsung want to bring forward the S8 launch to earlier in 2017, in a bid to build positive buzz and make up for all the bad press and loss of goodwill from the Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

As for the variants, the model numbers are apparently SM-G950 and the SM-G955, skipping the SM-G940 because of the 'unlucky' number 4 in the name. 4 is traditionally considered an unlucky number in South Korea and China.

The phones are also being referred to by codenames, namely Dream and Dream2. We're hoping the dreams don't become nightmares because it doesn't seem like rushing out another phone will help build consumer confidence. Especially when Samsung has yet to fully determine the cause of the Note 7's overheating issues. Maybe take a chill pill, Samsung?

[Source: GSMArena]