Samsung confirms, Galaxy Note 7 will be resold in South Korea

UPDATE: Samsung's made the official announcement, revealed date

Samsung has decided to start selling the Galaxy Note 7 again, this time with some tweaks of course.

UPDATE 03/07/17: Samsung has officially made the announcement that it will be selling units of the Galaxy Note 7. The phone will be released as the Fan Edition and will only be available in South Korea at the present time.

It will be available 7 July, the 699600 won (RM2625) with four colour variants, Black Onyx, Blue Coral, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium with a cover case in a matching colour included with each phone. The phone will also come with a smaller battery, 3200mAh to the original's 3500mAh but comes with the same software (including Bixby) that is used on the Galaxy Note 8 and 8 Plus. 400000 units will be made available for the South Korean markets, with no decision as yet how many units will be sold outside the county.


For fans, perhaps

The phone will be dubbed the Galaxy Note 7 FE, with the FE standing for Fandom Edition. Make of that what you will.

Apparently 400000 units will be hitting South Korean shelves by 7 July, with more units to be made available in other countries. 

Which countries? It's uncertain as yet but we're betting China might be one of them.

As for pricing, it will cost less than 700000 won, about S$850. Cheaper than its original price, certainly.

Why the move to resell? Originally Samsung had been heavily criticised for announcing it would destroy all the recalled Note 7 units, as the environmental impact of basically toasting three million phones would not be small. Likely reselling them was the more environmentally friendly option and possibly a means to recoup the billions in losses Samsung suffered from the massive Galaxy Note 7 recall.

A question unanswered though: how will you take the phone onto a plane? The Galaxy Note 7 ban has yet to be rescinded by many airlines so we'll see if that changes sometime soon.

[Source: Ars Technica