Samsung-branded Google Glass in the making?

Or are they coming up with their own competing device?
Samsung-branded Google Glass in the making?

With Google Glass potentially being the next “in” device, it won't be surprising for Samsung to join the game.

Not much details are known beyond a tweet by Eldar Murtazin, founder of Russian website Mobile Review. Murtazin’s predictions are sometimes a mixed bag, but he has gotten some pretty accurate ones in the past.

According to his tweet, the said Glass device from Samsung will be marketed under the Gear brand. No surprises there if it takes that route, take a look at the Galaxy Gear.

What we’re not too sure of is whether the device is a purely Samsung device. Its name, Gear Glass, sounds like a partnership between Google and Samsung might be in the works. For all we know Google might be working with Samsung, vis-a-vis the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Or perhaps, the South Korean company is running low on creative juice, and hasn't found a better name for the headgear.

In his tweet, Murtazin expects an April to May period for the Gear Glass to be revealed, putting it around the same availability period as Google Glass. Should the Gear Glass be a competing product, it’ll be interesting to see Samsung’s take on it.

Source: BGR