Samsung Introduces 64 MP Cameras For Their Smartphones

The highest resolution yet for mobile devices.

Smartphone cameras have become the main selling point for every brand new phone. Bundled with some fancy AI, good picture quality is all but expected with today’s smartphones. Samsung, the current market leader for smartphones, are looking to up the ante with their new 64 MP image sensors.

The new ISOCELL Bright GW1 is a 64 MP image sensor that features the highest resolution in Samsung’s 0.8μm-pixel image sensor lineup. With pixel-merging Tetracell technology and remosaic algorithm, GW1 can produce bright 16Mp images in low-light environments and highly-detailed 64Mp shots in brighter settings. GW1 is equipped with a Dual Conversion Gain that converts the received light into an electric signal according to the illumination of the environment. This allows the sensor to optimize its full well capacity, utilizing the collected light more efficiently especially in bright environments.

A 48 MP version of this new image sensor has also been developed, this new ISOCELL Bright GM2 is a 48Mp image sensor that also adopts Tetracell technology in low-light environments and a remosaic algorithm in well-lit settings, bringing highly-detailed pictures with natural and vivid colors. GM2, like GW1, adopts Dual Conversion Gain as well for added performance.

These new image sensors are currently undergoing a lot more sampling internally, but is expected to go under mass production starting from the second half of the year. Hopefully it will come to newer Samsung products coming in 2020. Read more about it on Samsung’s official site here.