There May Be 64MP Or 108MP Camera Smartphones By 2020

Samsung: “Sony has a 61MP sensor? Hold my beer.”

It seems that megapixels are getting more mega every year. We’ve seen the boom of 48MP cameras featured in smartphones already released by major players in the market - with the high pixel count being a major selling point for these phones. On a semi-related note, Sony had also recently unveiled their 61MP camera sensor, albeit for their mirrorless flagship cameras instead of smartphones. The point being, with larger pixel counts introduced to current camera technology, the higher the bar is set when it comes to consumer expectations.

As previously reported in May, Samsung had developed the ISOCELL Bright GW1 64MP sensor for mobiles, but have yet to debut it in any of their smartphones. Thanks to a tidbit by industry insider and leakster Ice Universe, Samsung may have planned to make the Note 10 series the last flagship phone equipped with their 12MP 1/2.55 1.4μm camera technology, which can also found on the Galaxy S10+ model. This lead us to believe that they’re probably skipping the 48MP fad that everyone else is going for, and may include the 64MP tech into the upcoming Galaxy S11 debuting early next year.

Interestingly enough, Ice Universe also tweeted a vague hint that smartphones of 2020 might be equipped with 10x optical zoom lenses and even 108MP sensors! The insanity! Twitter users did question if the cat was possibly under the influence when posting the tweet. Catnip, am I right?


A 10x optical zoom is still plausible since 5x periscope cameras now exists (FYI: OPPO and Huawei’s 10x tech is considered hybrid rather than full optical), and an advancement in that technology by next year could be possible. But 108MP sensors though… maybe? Most phone companies tend to keep a tight lid on valuable secrets such as these, but that won’t dismiss the possibility of them already doing research and development on a larger camera sensor. Tight lid or not, we’ll definitely expect leaks to spread like wildfire on the Internet sooner or later.