Ryde Carpool App Is Your Alternate Option Of Travel To Work Or Study

Save money and the environment

With e-hailing services being in the midst of chaos due to PSV licensing as well as price hiking, it looks like a saviour may be in our midst. Ryde, the number one carpool mobile app in Singapore, has launched in Malaysia with registration available now and the service being officially available in November 1.

Ryde is a start-up launched in Singapore that's all about making carpooling a viable transportation option, helping commuters save money and the environment while also creating a community. Using Ryde's in-app request and matching technology, RydePool matches drivers who are driving on a particular route with commuters hoping to hitch a ride to their destination that's along the same route. You can even do advanced and on-demand bookings so that drivers and riders can plan their journey ahead.

Ryde functions by being non-profit, so all earnings made by the driver goes 100% to the driver and should cover the cost of petrol, toll, time and car wear and tear. It's also not meant to replace e-hailing, but rather be a carpool option for places you go to regularly like the workplace or college.

The app is also hoping to build a community that can create a more conducive carpooling environment for Malaysians. This could lead to more awareness of the benefits of carpooling while creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly daily transportation option.

Sometime in the future, Ryde aims to launch RydeCity, an interstate version where those needing to go to different states in Malaysia is possible.

The app is currently available for registration, and you can look forward to carpooling your way to work or study on November 1 as mentioned earlier!