Runkeeper debuts Breeze, an app for those who'd rather walk than run

Now you really have no excuse not to keep moving
Runkeeper debuts Breeze, an app for those who'd rather walk than run

RunKeeper is one of the more popular fitness apps around, but for those who balk at anything with the word ‘run’ in it, then take heart. The app’s makers have added a new app to its stable: Breeze.

Breeze is more than just a workout app, or so RunKeeper says. While RunKeeper, they say, “is focused on when we work out”, Breeze is all about the rest of your day. Keeping you moving, presumably by bugging you constantly.

The app is iOS-only for the moment as it is dependant on the iPhone 5’s M7 chip. What it does is that it will track every step you take (Yes, like that Police hit) a lot like your average pedometer app. What Breeze does in addition is also take records of where and when you move throughout the day.

Breeze is watching you

Breeze is watching you

Breeze then ‘helpfully’ suggests daily goals, sends you notifications to keep moving, and also celebrates your various achievements. So you now have an app that will handily remind you that you spent most of your day on the couch having chips. And it will gently berate you into moving a little more. Like, maybe to the corner store instead of the fridge for your chips, then?

It's definitely on to you as Breeeze, on its very first opening, pulls your past seven days’ worth of activity data (assuming you have any), and will try and determine a smart daily movement goal using those stats.

Other features include always-on tracking, helpful reminders to hit that goal you set, notifications that highlight all the places where you made smart choices, and a daily summary of what you did (or didn’t do) the day before.

Basically the app is about helping you avoid sedentary routines by always finding hidden opportunities for fitness. Eventually there will be integration between Breeze and Runkeeper, and support for more devices.

You can get the app for free from the App Store here.

[Source: Engadget]