Run, walk, hop, whatever you do, Skullcandy's Method headphones won't fall out when you jog

These in-ear cans promise to stay in and has self-cleaning technology without cleaning out your wallet
Finally, headphones that won't fall out when you jog

Some call Skullcandy headphones the poor man's Dr Dre's. But they just might be a runner's choice if the company's new Method in-ear headphones do what they claim - to stay put without causing hurt or discomfort.

Anyone who runs will know the audience of getting your game on, hitting the asphalt hard and then having earbuds pop out and ruin your concentration. Or you don't lose your concentration and realise, a few kilometres later, you lost your headphones.

How does Skullcandy fix things? With Sticky Gels. It's the company's proprietary tech that claims to "minimise surface texture and material while increasing traction on the skin of the ear, boosts security up to 30 per cent when you’re sweating." In other words, they use some sort of gel that makes sure your earphones don't travel beyond your ear.

These headsets aren't going anywhere beyond your ear

Finally, headphones that won't fall out when you jog

Besides the sticky factor, Skullcandy also has the company's Off Axis and Fix Tech, the first time the two techs were used together in a headset. Off-Axis is about creating a more suitable angle of entry while Fix Tech helps fit your ear bud to you ear canal for better fit.

The Method earpieces are also coated with hydrophobic nano coatings to protect the more fiddly bits without being too bulky. Skullcandy boasts the Method's lightweight construction is still durable as well as sweat-resistent.

Oh, and apparently it has Pureclean technology that functions as an anti-germ environment "whether you clean these buds, your ears or neither". Eww, sounds like the best gift for those sweaty gym-types who toss their headphones into their bags and forget about them.

But how do they sound? Skullcandy says its Supreme Sound technology gives a nice balance of bass and precision highs for the more discerning listener. Sadly Skullcandy didn't exactly stipulate the exact sensitivity of its headphones but seeing how these aren't very pricey in the first place don't be expecting super high-end sound.

Another nice extra is the Remote 1 that offers slip-free grip and sweat-proof constructions.

All in all, not a bad featureset for headphones that cost US$30 (RM96).

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[Source: Skullcandy]