Rumoured Mi Mix 3 prototypes shave off more bezel-space

If the photos are real, then bezels will probably go extinct on higher-end phones soon

The Mi Mix line has gotten pretty good reviews for good reason - mostly thanks to the screen. And prototype photos have leaked showing a promising future for the Mi Mix 3.

RIP bezels

The Zealers China Weibo account posted some prototype photos that show a Mi Mix 3 that shaves off even more bezel space.

How thin are the bezels? You'll have to squint and wonder if they even exist. There's also different rear tweaks, mostly in the back however which promises a secondary display in the back, but not a bezel-less display,

Instead the design plays around with a few rear configurations. But these may or may not be legit, but seeing how they've turned up pretty early, it seems possible Xiaomi is already setting sights on an improved Mi Mix 3.

With a good combo of specs and features for a pretty affordable price, the Mi Mix 2 is an attractive enough device so an updated version would definitely be a big draw for Xiaomi.

[Source: GizmoChina]