Rumour: Samsung’s working on a Galaxy F smartphone, and it’s got a metal build

It looks like it’s going to give Apple a run for its money when it launches the next iPhone
Rumour: Samsung’s working on a Galaxy F smartphone, and it’s got a metal build

Take a good look; this could be the biggest rival to Apple’s next iPhone. And Samsung might be working on it behind closed doors.

The vendor that’s known for butting heads with the iPhone maker could possibly be working on this new smartphone, called the Samsung Galaxy F, according to a leaked image posted on @evleaks’ Twitter account.

But what may set it apart from the rest of Samsung’s ensemble, and contend with the upcoming iPhone, is that this new brew could sport an “attractive metal build” instead of the traditional plastic design the chaebol has previously worked with.

In a glance, the front of the purported Samsung Galaxy F looks to be indistinguishable from the Galaxy S5. But the image of its back seems to showcase the device in a brushed metal design.

For now, it's purely based on looks

For now, it's purely based on looks

Even if you believe this Galaxy F is legitimate, you shouldn’t immediately assume it’s actually made of metal – it could just be a textured plastic imitating a metallic design like what we got on the recently unveiled LG G3 smartphone.

But let’s just say Samsung does launch the Galaxy F and if it does feature an actual metal backing, then it could potentially set Samsung apart from its competitors; Because the original HTC One with an aluminium unibody received rave reviews from critics for being able to aesthetically stand on par with the iPhone.

We don’t really want to read too much into it, but going by the timestamp on the image (which shows 12 September), we may expect it then, which is also about the time we’re anticipating the iPhone 6 to debut.   

Based on just a leaked image of the Galaxy F, we can’t comment on anything else beyond its looks, but if any further developments crop up or if Samsung confirms its launch, we’ll update you. Keep watching this space.  

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[Source: @evleaks and Business Insider, image: @evleaks