Rumour: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Likely To Launch On Valentine's Day At USD$1400

Samsung's expensive Valentine's gift to foldable smartphone fans in the US

We have little to no confirmation on the Samsung's next foldable smartphone. Initially rumours led it to be called Samsung Galaxy Bloom, and now it's being called Galaxy Z Flip. We will get a confirmation for sure when the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event happens on February 11 2020, but it looks like rumours are stating not long after the event, the aforementioned foldable device is launching on Valentine's Day.

XDA’s Max Weinbach tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is launching on Valentine's Day with the price of USD$1400 (~RM5720), which seems to be cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Fold (USD$1980 or RM8388 in Malaysia) and the Motorola Razr (USD$1499 or ~RM6233) though not by a lot. It's still a pricey device, but a price that's to be expected for foldable smartphones.

This also seems to be US-exclusive as Max mentioned that this is an AT&T exclusive, so it's unlikely that this launch date will affect us Malaysians.

With this much said, let's see if the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (or Bloom) actually launches in time and escapes the dreaded curse of their first generation where every foldable smartphone had some level of delay from its initially announced launch date.