Rumour: Samsung CEO Confirms The Next Samsung Galaxy Fold Will Be Called Samsung Galaxy Bloom

Even the next Samsung Galaxy S series is confirmed to be the S20

With the next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked happening next month, the rumour mills on the next Samsung Galaxy Fold and even the Samsung Galaxy S series has been running. But it looks like Samsung themselves are putting some rumours at rest when they held a secret meeting at CES with some partners and carrier partners.

It turns out that from said meeting, the next foldable device from Samsung will actually be called the Galaxy Bloom instead. There's even a blurry photo taken by a meeting attendee to prove this.

If you're wondering why they're changing the name, it seems that Samsung intends to market the device to women in their 20s. In fact, the inspiration from the design came from Lancome's compacts, which kind of make sense seeing them both side by side.

Other information reveals that the device won't have a plastic film on top of its screen like the original Galaxy Fold, instead it will use an ultra thin glass (UTG). The Galaxy Bloom will be able to shoot 8K video, and will be the first smartphone to support this function. There will also be both 4G and 5G versions of the Bloom.

Additionally, the Samsung CEO has also confirmed that the three Galaxy S models launching at the February 11 event will be called S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. As mentioned in our previous rumour mill, Samsung chose to not keep counting up one by one in order to properly celebrate the start of the new decade. So it looks like the new S series name is confirmed as well.

We'll get more confirmed spec information during Samsung Galaxy Unpacked next month, but at least we now know the names of the devices to look out for.