Rumour: Microsoft working on a cross-platform smartband

You won't need a Windows phone to use it, which is a change from other manufacturers
Rumour: Microsoft working on a cross-platform smartband

(Picture from Paul Thurrott's Windows Supersite)

Seems noted all-things-Microsost blogger Paul Thurrott has an interesting piece of gossip about Microsoft's foray into wearable tech. No, there will be no Microsoft smartwatch. Yes, it will be wearable on your wrist as a smartband. And yes, it will probably work with your phone whether it is an Android, Windows Phone or an iPhone. Surprising news indeed and perhaps a good wakeup call to manufacturers who insist on selling gear that will only work with their smartphones.

Could this be the key to Microsoft succeeding in the rather crowded wearable tech screen? We can't say as the details seem scant.

A band to replace other bands

Rumour: Microsoft working on a cross-platform smartband

As most trackers at the moment seem to be geared either for Android or iOS, Windows Phone seems to be the poor stepchild for smart tracker support. But due to Windows Phone share being rather small, it makes sense that Microsoft would make a smartband for everyone.

What will this new band look like? A lot like the Samsung Gear Fit if the sources are to be believed and it will deliver the usual smartphone-based notifications. No smartwatch here, obviously. And it will only cost as much as a Samsung Gear, which seems to be a pretty good deal.

As health and fitness become even more of a focus with new smartgear as well as mobile OS tweaks towards tracking fitness stats, Microsoft is in a good place to tap that thanks to previous applications like Healthvault and Bing Health & Fitness.

So wehn do we expect this Microsoft smartband? This year, perhaps in the fourth quarter of 2014.

In the meantime, check out our review of Samsung's Gear Fit and decide for yourself if you think a Microsoft version would be much better.