RPG fans, watch the game trailer for Pillars of Eternity now

Game developer Obsidian aims to bring back the best of Baldur’s Gate/Planescape Torment in the modern era of gaming
RPG fans, watch the game trailer for Pillars of Eternity now

A project started more than a year ago and originally codenamed “Project Eternity”, the game has been renamed "Pillars of Eternity". This is Obsidian’s first game that relies on crowd-funding and reached its funding goal in October 2013.

Isometric goodness

The game will feature party-based, real-time tactical gameplay, with a fixed isometric user interface for the game world with 2D handdrawn backdrops. These are the same gameplay mechanics used in games such as Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale and Baldur’s Gate – which are considered spiritual predecessors to the game.

With over US$3 million secured from Kickstarter (plus another US$1 million from Paypal backers), the game was the highest Kickstarted game funded on the site. There will be versions for Windows, OS X and Linux released when the game is completed in early 2014.

As of now, Obsidian has released a sneak preview of the gameplay through a video released through multiple channels, including Kickstarter and also Obsidian's game page for Pillars of Eternity. As one of the backers of the game, I can’t wait to play this game next year.