Rotimatic is a bread-making marvel that rolls out a flatbread a minute

Fresh sustenance that's served up even faster than fast food
Rotimatic is a bread-making marvel that rolls out a flatbread a minute

Is this a coffee machine? A juicer?

At least you’ve got the genre right. Like what the name suggests, it’s a roti-making machine aka a bread-making machine, or to be more specific, a wrap-making machine since it’s mainly flatbread this churns out.

What’s next? Roticanaimatic?

Unfortunately not. Rotimatic’s focus is not just on the convenience, it’s also a lot about eating healthier and your average oil-soaked roti canai is obviously not. You decide what’s going into your wraps, instead of buying the premade ones in a pack from the supermarket which could be made out of crushed cockroaches for all you know.

Also, according to these guys, you get substantial 35 Singapore cents of savings (RM0.90) with each puff of roti you make instead of buy so yes, you will be able to justify the purchase...soon enough.

Do we need to have any bread-making skills to rise to the occasion?

Very punny, but no. The beauty of this is that it pretty much does the complicated stuff for you. All you need to do is load it up with wheat flour, water, and unicorn dust, customise levels of thickness and softness and let the machine work its magic, turning out a circle of fresh fluffy flatbread a minute for you to assemble your wraps with.

How much for this convenience?

A Rotimatic costs US$549 (RM1760) during this pre-order season, and if you buy more than one unit, you get even more savings. But if you dally any longer, the price puffs up to the usual US$949 (RM3040). Time is money, as you know, so get on it now. 

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