Rock out your shower time with the H20 Vibe Showerhead

Much better alternative to having a radio in the bathroom

What do you do when you love music in the shower, but don't fancy being electrocuted? Here comes the H20 Vibe Showerhead. No, it is not a vibrating showerhead but a showerhead wide enough that it has a Bluetooth speaker embedded in the centre of it so that you can bring your party to your shower.

The speaker in the centre does not only play music but can also take calls as you shower(if you want to) and it is removable so that you can charge it, which a full charge can last you for eight hours, and use it outside the shower too.

There is no major operation that needs to be done to install the showerhead, all you need to do is just change showerheads so it will only take a few minutes and will not blow a hole in your wallet. The original price for this jammin’ showerhead is US$179.99 but currently there is a deal on Amazon that you can just get it for $42 with free shipping. This is definitely going to up the game on your shower karaoke.

[source : Coolestgadgets]