Robot vs bushido master equals katana skills-fest

Eat your heart out, fruit ninja

Yaskawa Electronics decided to celebrate its 100th birthday in a novel way - by pitting its best industrial robot against a Guinness World record-holding bushido swords master. The results? Pretty epic.

1,000 cuts of awesome

In the video, you'll see bushido expert Isao Michii perform some pretty amazing feats with his katana, and then watch how the Motoman MH-24 robot attempts to emulate said feats.

It all comes to a head in the traditional face-off, senbongiri, where no they don't actually fight each other. Instead, it's a competition to see who can perform 1,000 cuts in the fastest time.

Michii even had a hand in helping engineers figure out the best cutting angle and positioning for the robot so the two of them would be as evenly-matched as possible. You definitely have to see it to believe it.