Robot kitchen learned culinary skills from master chef

Can't cook? Moley Labs just programs a robot into doing it for you

It was only a matter of time before someone thought of a robot chef but that's just what Moley Labs did. It's more like a robotic kitchen module actually, which houses a stovetop, oven, sink, utensils and robot arms. BBC MasterChef winner Tim Anderson helped program the arms. 

All the recipes, all the convenience

The robotic arms can then cook a variety of preprogrammed recipes while you look on from outside the module, that looks like a self-contained kitchen capsule. It's not cheap, though. This robot kitchen costs US$100 to reserve and US$72,000 to buy outright.

Chef Anderson was impressed by the robot's capabilities, however. He programmed it to make crab bisque, a tough enough dish for humans to make and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Rich enough or crazy enough? Then make a reservation for one of these futuristic kitchens at Moley's website.

[Source: CNet]