Robot golf instructor will teach you the right swing

US$150,000 worth of mechanical golf expertise for the wannabe Tiger Woods out there
Robot golf instructor will teach you the right swing

So you've been wondering why your attempts at golf have been embarassing at worst and humourous at best. Why not let a robot help you out, as in the German-engineered RoboGolfPro. Currently there are only four in the US.

Weighing 840 pounds (381kg), these are pretty hefty and pricey at US$150,000 (RM486,750) a pop. Certainly not for the casual golfer.

What you can do with one is have it record your swing, analyse it and then the machine will help you figure out what needs to be tweaked. A swing can have nine points, and tweaked 24 different ways.


Hole-in-ones in your future

What the machine does is help you figure out just how you should stand and move to get the right golf swing. With enough practise, you can develop muscle memory to swing the right way, every time.

Now don’t be bringing your own clubs to the RoboGolfPro session. Instead there are a series of clubs that the machine uses. They will accommodate the different swings and clubs that you would use and then physically guide you through to a much better swing.

You hold onto the club and then the robot will guide you by showing you the corrected swing. The robot will even resist and ‘forces’ you into going back to the proper swing if you deviate back into old habits. It does not physically hold your body in place, but instead corrects you via the club, replicating the swing you’re supposed to make so you can feel it.

What its makers claim is that with the RoboGolfPro, you can achieve massive improvements that would normally take years. The robot creates the perfect model, which does not deviate even if its fallible human student does.

The RoboGolfPro won’t be replacing actual trainers anytime soon, acting more like the ultimate teaching aid. But who knows one day you’ll have virtual robot trainers in the future, helping you get your best game on.

[Source: GeekWire]