This robot barista might make better coffee than you

Kawada Industries sees robots going past being just machines, but our partners. Terrifying or exciting?
This robot barista might make better coffee than you

Robots, robots, robots. It's been quite the year for robots, eh? Well, it seems we still haven't quite seen everything yet as now Kawada Industries' Next Generation Industrial Robot or Nextage has levelled up to the point it could be a pretty snazzy robot barista.

In the video, you can see a robot handily move from one thing to another, choosing the coffee, adding the creamer and stirring. Customers only needed to tap onto a tablet to order their own robot-served cup of joe. Of course it was nowhere as fast as a human would so you would probably need a bit more patience to get your coffee from this robot.

A flat white or two, Mr.Robot?

The Nextage isn't a new concept or robot. It just got a little bit more attention when it was showed off at the recent Japan Robot Week. Kawada Industries has big plans for the robot, hailing it as technology that would free us from the shackles of dull, menial work.

"Industrial robots are now in the next phase of their evolution, from mere 'equipment' to becoming a 'partner'," so says a quote from Kawada's website.

Kawada is pretty generous in listing all the Nextage's specs though when it comes to an actual featureset, Kawada highlights the robot's capacity to move easily, its compact line layout and what it calls its "standard" specifications, that, oh, include an image recognition system.

For researchers, Kawada also has its Nextage Open platform that offers up an open source controller and software support. While the future looks bright for robots, we're still not quite so convinced a robot can make coffee just the way we like it - not until robot taste buds get invented.

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[Source: Vice]