Road legal 700bhp road racer provides the thunder from Down Under

Quantum GP700 is as close to a Formula 1 car for the road as anyone will ever need (or want)

That's a funny looking thing. How on earth is it road legal?

The Quantum GP700 is certainly a far cry from the family hatchbacks you see littering your local Asda car park, but trust us, it packs the lights, indicators and licence plate that ensures it's road legal. Not that you'd want to do many supermarket runs in it...

What makes you say that?

Because powering the machine is a 2.7-litre, supercharged four-cylinder engine that develops a bum-clenching 700bhp. Add into the mix the Quantum's feather-light 700kg kerb weight and you have the coveted power-to-weight ratio of 1:1. It will literally tear your face off. Well, not literally. But you get the idea.

Does that explain why it looks like some sort of fish/car hybrid?

Yes, the bodywork is designed to be as slippery as possible for aerodynamic reasons and those wings, diffusers and gaping ducts ensure the GP700 doesn't take off when you pin the accelerator.

That rear wing looks a bit daft, doesn't it?

It may look silly but it develops 1.8G of downforce at 174mph, which is theoretically enough to drive upside down. Staying on the G-force theme, the GP700 can also exert 2.5G through corners (about the same as a space shuttle launch) and over 1.2G of force under heavy acceleration (slightly more than a skydive).

Blistering barnacles! What sort of performance figures are we talking?

Customers will be able to re-arrange their insides during the 0-62mph sprint because it takes just 2.6 seconds. The dash from standstill to 100mph takes just 5 seconds, for goodness sake, and it can go on to a top speed of 200mph. Quick enough for you?

Who decided this was a good idea?

A group of crazy Australians have invested more than seven years of their lives to make the GP700 a reality, believing the world needs a 700bhp track car that can also handle the odd Sunday drive. It comes at a price, though.

Go on, how much?

Ahem, £500,000 (~RM2.8m). That's enough to start your own fantasy garage but Quantum will throw in some track-day tuition when it goes on sale next year to ensure you don't go spinning off the circuit in a big fiery ball of incompetence.