Retina iPad Mini 2 sets targets on new Google Nexus 7: IT'S PPI WAR!

Watch out Google. Report claims that Apple's upcoming mini slate is set to return with a souped up screen
iPad Mini with Retina Display has new Google Nexus 7 in its sights

Apple's rumoured Retina Display iPad Mini could be bringing the fight to the pixel-packed screen of Google's new Nexus 7 later this year.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple's display suppliers (LG, Sharp and Samsung) are preparing to churn out enough hi-res displays for the Retina iPad Mini, which is expected in the fourth quarter of this year.

Not only that, but we could see iPod Touch-like colours making an appearance, adding to the existing black and white options. 

Right now, the iPad Mini's 7.9in, 1024x768 screen sports 162 pixels per inch (ppi), around half the count of the new Nexus 7's smartphone-rivalling 323ppi. That crazy-high count results from Asus (Google's hardware partner) cramming a 1920x1200 full HD resolution into a 7in screen.

If the Retina iPad Mini borrowed the 2048x1536 resolution of its big brother, its ppi count would quite literally go one better than the new Nexus', at 324ppi. There's reason to suspect that Apple will stick with the proven resolution over something new: it's unlikely to want to peeve app developers, who'd have to work to accommodate yet another new res.

The question is, can Apple incorporate a screen of this pixel density without compromising either battery life or the Mini's svelte design? Apple's not averse to going fatter, but the Mini's portability forms a major part of its appeal. We'd hope that modern technologies such as Sharp's IGZO sufficiently reduce the energy demands of the screen to maintain the look and performance of the current Mini, but it's a big ask.

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[Source: Wall Street Journal]