Relive the retro days with the X-II shared mixtape

A social project with a twist, this might get you nostalgic for your tape player
Relive the retro days with the X-II shared mixtape

If you're old enough to remember the days of cassette tapes, then you might remember mixtapes. You would bootleg a track or several, fit them to a cassette and share the tape with friends or with that, ahem, special someone.

Now a little social experiment called X-II is bringing those days back though with a tech twist. The X-II (pronounced 'twelve', not 'ex-two') is about people adding songs and pictures to a special custom tape. The tracks are all tagged with not just music but a picture and the location where the tape was shared. You only get to add one song to it before you pass it along to the next person, so no, you can't add that bootleg Tupaq concert you've been hoarding for so long.

Your tape is then synced to a neat little iOS app, which then also lets you keep track of where your little mixtape travels.

Pass the music along

Relive the retro days with the X-II shared mixtape

What's the point of the exercise? Apart from nostalgia, the project wants to hearken back to a day when sharing music was more personal.

"Let's make discovering music like receiving a mixtape from a loved one again," the site's tagline goes and it's hard to resist.

The brainchild behind this novel idea is a little outfit called, based in Belgium. It was an idea that was hacked together in three weeks as a web-based prototype but has now been fleshed out into a fully working iPhone app. It's not gone into wide production as yet, but you can still head on over to the site to subscribe to the project's updates.

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