Relive the fever with DJMAX RESPECT for PS4

Get tapping away for that legendary combo all over again

Bounce back early 2010s; if you had a PSP, you had a version of DJMAX.

Get ready to relive those beats as Neowiz will be releasing DJMAX RESPECT on 28 July to get your thumbs tapping away once away. Nostalgia is the name of the game here, with over 140 songs packed in, and every track from DJMAX Portable 1 and DJ MAX Portable 2, in addition to a whole list of new songs by experienced composers who know what you want. 

Expectedly, there will be new online modes to battle it out with friends and the extremely competitive online community. You get to choose from several modes: Arcade, Free Style and Mission, which should keep you on your toes and each round fresh.

Can’t find any rhythmic games on the App Store since your PSP faded out? Perhaps it’s time for the ultimate encore. DJ MAX RESPECT is out for PS4 on disc (RM219) and digital download (RM209). We’ll keep you posted on more DJMAX RESPECT news.