Redecorate your smartphone in an instant with Jolla's The Other Half case

NFC-equipped smartphone cover changes your Jolla phone's theme from top to bottom
Jolla The Other Half

It's a phone back. Big woo The Other Half is a bit cleverer than that. Clip the NFC-equipped case to your Jolla smartphone and it'll instantly change the phone's theme to match the cover – everything from the wallpaper to the ringtones and notification sounds.

Okay, that is pretty cool. There must be loads of options for personalising your phone! There are, um, two. Keira Black, which is "electric, urban and industrial," and also black. And Aloe, which is "calm and relaxing." And sort of bluey-green.

Oh. Will there be more? You bet – Jolla is releasing a dev kit which will include CAD files for 3D printers, along with instructions and specs for creating your own theme.

That sounds a lot like work Well, you can always order the Keira Black and Aloe shells now from Jolla's website – they cost €30 (RM137) and will ship to European customers in two to three weeks.

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[via Engadget]