Reddit Tries Out Live-Streaming On Their Platform

The largest forum on the Internet joins the streaming bandwagon.

Live-streaming has become the top way to make a living on the Internet; with streamers all over the world doing anything from art, playing video games, and anything else, live for anyone on the Internet to see. And now, it seems that one of the biggest websites on the Internet is cashing into the streaming craze.

The front page of the Internet, Reddit, is looking to expand their avenues to live-streaming, presumably to rival Twitch and YouTube as the top streaming platforms. Their new platform is called the Reddit Public Access Network (RPAN), which allows for Reddit users to broadcast on a new subreddit, r/pan.

General rules for RPAN includes RPAN being a Safe for Work experience, meaning that any form of nudity, sexually suggestive content, graphic violence, illegal/dangerous behavior, hoax promotion, or content that will result in a banned account. Also, all streams will be available to be seen by any Redditor, so users who want to remain anonymous should take the steps to do so. 

For now, the RPAN will be going through a limited-time five-day test run, with the broadcasts stopping on Friday. The future of RPAN will be seen after this test run, hopefully Reddit’s new platform can stand the test of time against the other streaming giants.