The Red Hydrogen phone is real and it looks pretty cool

Camera maker has shared its prototypes of the upcoming super-fancy phone

Red recently announced it was coming up with the Hydrogen One phone, and to prove it's for real, the company has shared a few of its prototypes with Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD.

Will its modules catch on?

While the models shown aren't working units, they give a very good idea of what kind of build quality to expect from the Android-running phone.

Red has primarily specialised in high-end, high-res cameras and putting that expertise into a phone seems fairly risky. but it might find the same kind of following that it has for its cameras and a potential market in those pros.

The phone is larger than the iPhone 7 Plus, though it only has a 5.5in display. It will also feature modular attachments that are primarily geared towards photography.

Modular phones haven't done that well, with Motorola the only flag-bearer with its new Moto Z2 Play. But as Red is catering to a particular niche, maybe that demographic might like the idea better.

We'll have more once the actual phone comes to market.

[Source: Androidcentral]