Red goes from high-end videocams to a holographic smartphone

The phone won't be cheap, but could be very impressive

New smartphone brand on the block: look out for Red, a maker of high-res videocameras, that is now going into smartphones.

Pricey gamble

Red might be new to phones, but as far as videocameras go the company has quite the reputation. Its cameras have been used on film and TV sets, as well as music videos and commercials.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was the first feature to use Red's 8K Vista Vision full-frame 35mm camera, and is just one of many big films that have used Red's products. The question is though, does Red have what it takes to make a good smartphone?

The biggest selling point of the Red Hydrogen phone is its 5.7in holographic display, which Red promises you'll be able to enjoy without the need for special glasses. Besides Red's own H4V holographic content, the phone will also support 3D content and 2D/3D VR.

As for more normal specs, there's a Type-C connector, a microSD card and it will run on Android. Other details however are light, besides it being a multi-band smartphone.

For the privilege of a holographic display, you'll need to pay US$1195 (RM5140) for the aluminium edition and US$1595 (RM6860) for the titanium edition.

If you'd like to try your luck with a preorder, then head over to Red's website. The phone however is only expected to be out on Q1 2018.