Recreate history, edit your Facebook Look Back

UPDATE: Seems like we're one of the lucky few to get an early preview of the Edit function
Recreate history, edit your Facebook Look Back

Facebook was all about showing off the shiny bits of your life, until they threatened to destroy that illusion by digging up your ancient Facebook history and setting it to terrible music in a minute-long video. Nooooo.

If Facebook's bad choices held you back from sharing your video, fret no more. Go forth and annoy your 1623 friends, for a new Edit button is surfacing soon, and with it, choice. 

It's the perfect chance to swap the photo of your ex out for whoever you’re dating and avoid their wrath. Heaven forbid your perfect life should be shattered by silly automated algorithms.

Now if only they’d allow that sappy soundtrack to be changed up for a bit of Metallica...


Recreate history, edit your Facebook Look Back

Don’t like what Facebook has created for you? Hit the Edit button to be transported to another page to replace certain snippets or handpick a selection of your best angles.

Beneath your original Facebook Look Back video lies four different categories that you can select better photos for: Your First Moments, Your Most Liked Posts, Uploaded Photos and the final Photo Grid. Be warned, you’re still restricted to certain options within the different categories, but limited choice is always better than absolute dictatorship.

Begone now, exes and hideous old photos that my new friends don't need to see.

[Source: Facebook]

Why me?

In the game of chance that dictates Facebook changes, it seems like I've been randomly selected to receive the hallowed Edit button that will determine social survival or suicide. Wait your turn, redemption is near. Although by then, it's likely everyone's glee at Look Back's novelty factor would have morphed into full-blown indifference, if it hasn't already. Too late, Facebook, too late.