The New Realme XT Is The World’s First 64-Megapixel Camera

Say hello to a whole new standard of photos.

Realme’s offerings usually fall into the mid-range; giving consumers a well constructed, reliable, and affordable phone. They’re not ones to jump into the latest craze like folding smartphones from the get-go. Typically they bide their time and offer the best they can to their fans. That said, it seems their next big phone is offering a major innovation right out of the box.

Thanks to a post on Weibo, we now know that the Realme XT is the company’s next mid-range offering and the 64-megapixel camera featured on this phone, that has been teased by the company for the past few months, is the real deal and will be the main feature of the Realme XT. This phone also serves as a follow-up to the Realme X, that was released back in May earlier this year. 

With four cameras at its disposal, the Realme XT will utilise Samsung’s new 1/1.7-inch ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor to snap the 64-megapixel photos, with a ultra-wide angle lens, a macro lens, and a depth sensor by its side for greater quality and variety. Sample images taken with this phone were released earlier this year, which you can see here and here


If all goes well, the Realme XT will be the first 64-megapixel smartphone to be released to the world, though Xiaomi is not far behind as their own Redmi Note 8 is expected to have the same feature and will be revealed on the 29th of August. Only time will tell whether which phone will be the first as no exact release date of either the Realme XT or Redmi Note 8 has been finalised just yet.