Realme 3 Levels Up Its Camera Game

Showing good low-light and dynamic range

Realme seems to be upping the camera capabilities of the Realme 3 phone which was recently teased with a diamond-cut design and confirmed to be powered by the MediaTek Helio P70 chipset.

Now, the camera is showing some real potential, which was the surprise factor for me in the Realme 2 Pro that I reviewed. Sample images obtained via GSMArena who compared photos between the Realme 3, Samsung A20 and the Redmi Note 7.


The sample images showcase two features of the Realme 3 camera - Chroma Boost and Nightscape. Chroma Boost mode enhances the dynamic range and details so it’s HDR. This mode in the Realme 3 really does give it its all. With the sun backlighting the sky, the shadowy areas of the building and the trees still come out bright and detailed.


The Nightscape mode similarly enhances the dynamic range and details but in extreme low-light while being used hand-held. The photo above shows great detail in the darker areas while not have the highlights be blown out such as the three spotlights in the distance.We have to hand it to Realme, these images came out looking pretty good and if they are any indication, the camera will be the main selling point for the Realme 3. More images from the phones are below and if you’re interested, check out GSMArena’s comparison with the two other phones.