Real or Fake? An app called Tickle will get you out of social awkward situations

It sounds ridiculous yet plausible at the same time. So is the app real or fake?
Real or Fake? Tickle the app that’ll get you out of social awkward situations

We called it - the HUVr hoverboard video was a hoax.

But even with some slight sleuthing, we've sort of hit a dilemma with the gesture-based fake calling app, Tickle.

Activating a fake call to get out of socially awkward situations isn't a fresh concept. Simple enough, that you’d think someone’s already developed it.

What's fresh in Tickle is how you trigger that my-dog-just-died-and-I-gotta-go "emergency" call. Just move your fingers, make subtle gestures on your iPhone and the app will “call” to get you out of weird social situations.

Weird, stupid yet strangely reasonable at the same time? Yes, and it also sounds ridiculous enough to be a spoof. We’re calling it out because some of the activation gestures such as rubbing or tickling won’t activate the phone's accelerometer.

But if it turns out to be real, it'll save you from awkward first dates forever.

Source: Usetickle