Razer's trippy glowing mousepad is 16.8 million shades of weird

It's all your psychedelic dreams come true

Razer thinks that to accompany its many, many glowing gaming accessories, it needs to fit LEDs into a mousepad. The Razer Firefly hard gaming mouse mat emits light from the sides and the bottom with, of course, customisation options. You can even make it glow in sync with your other Razer devices, and specify certain patterns of glowing like say a tasteful wave effect.

The company claims it can offer 16.8 million colour options though it's highly debateable whether the human eye can discern that many. It also has a non-slip rubber base as well as a gold-plated USB connector so you can actually game with it.

Feel free to preorder the mousepad from the Razer website for US$59.90 while we silently judge you from here.

[Source: TheVerge]