Razer's hoping to build its own phone

Could a Razer phone for gamers happen? It depends

Word is that Razer's working on an IPO that could see the company call in the billions. A lot of cash would be handy as rumour is it wants to add a new device to its inventory - a phone.

A gamer phone?

Bloomberg's sources say Razer is looking to get a valuation for the company of around US$3-5 billion (approx RM13-21 billion), which would be handy as the firm is apparently working on a phone to appeal to its core customer base - gamers.

No word as to what the specs would look like or how Razer thinks it can compete in the already saturated smartphone market. The company is also said to be planning to use Hong Kong as a base from where to push aggressively into China.

Seeing Razer's current price point and its reputation for marketing it's products as premium, it's safe to say a Razer phone will also target the higher-end of the smartphone market. And it'll definitely come in black. 

[Source: Bloomberg]