Razer hopes to win streamers with new webcam and microphone

The webcam even comes with a selfie light for better-lit gaming streams

Razer is trying to entice a very specific demographic with its latest products, a webcam and USB microphone. Who would need those? Well, gaming streamers, for one - though it'll be interesting to see if the company can make a case for its Razer Kiyo webcam and Razer Seiren X USB mic.

All the lighting

What the Kiyo has going for it is a ring light for better-lit streams. Interestingly though, this isn't often a problem faced by a lot of gamers these days. What might be a better sell is the 720p resolution and 60fps streaming, and the fact that the webcam can also support streaming at Full HD at 30fps. It's also compatible with the most popular streaming platforms, which means it's pretty much plug and stream.

As for Seiren, it's an update to Razer's last mic which wasn't as popular among streamers who preferred USB microphones from the likes of Blue Yeti. What the Seiren X brings to the table is shock resistance - if things get too hectic during your game play, any sudden movements won't get recorded. Basically the mic comes with inbuilt shock dampening to ensure a fluid audio experience.

It also has a mute button, zero-latency 3.5mm headphone monitoring as well as a supercardioid pick-up pattern to reduce unwanted background noise.

Both the webcam and USB condenser microphone will retail for US$99.99 (MYR424).

[Source: The Verge]