Razer Comms goes mobile

Android version of the free game messaging app released

Razer Comms may have started out mainly as a communication tool for gamers but it’s just crossed the line into full blown Skype territory with the launch of their Android version.

With the latest release, users won’t only be able communicate with each other via messaging and voice over the desktop client, but they’ll be able to annoy each other via mobile as well. The PC client can communicate with anyone on the Android client and vice versa, and you don’t even have to Alt-Tab out of your existing game.

That’s not the only thing it can do though. It’ll even forward your calls and SMS’ to your PC. The new update to the Razer Comms client for PC allows you to reply your text messages or reject calls coming to your phone, effectively eliminating your need to constantly check on it while mid-gank. Talk about feeding an obsession.

And the best part? It’s totally free.

For now the mobile version is only on Android but an iOS version is scheduled for early 2014.

Get the PC client here and the Android version here.