Razer And Pokemon Unveil Pikachu-Themed Gaming Peripherals

I choose you, Pikachu themed mouse and mousepad!

If you're fan of Razer and Pikachu, then this collaboration should catch your interest. Razer recently launched a set of licensed Pokemon-themed Pikachu gaming peripherals in China, comprising of a keyboard, a mouse and mousepad.

According to Lowyat who discovered this, the gaming mouse is basically the Razer Deathadder Essential with a yellow Pikachu theme, and is accented by red that aesthetically sports a “Pikachu Yellow” colour, with a red accent for the side buttons and scroll wheel. And instead of the well-known illuminated green Razer logo, it now has Pikachu’s lightning tail.

Together with the mouse, you will get the mousepad which is a small-sized Razer Goliathus with an image of Pikachu on it though it's not clear if it comes in the Speed or Control edition. You can't get this separately from the mouse as they come together. Lastly it's the keyboard, which is the Razer Ornata in the Pikachu inspired colour theme and instead of RGB lit keycap background, the keyboard comes with black mid-height keycaps and single, yellow colour light option.

Unfortunately this is only available in China for now, with no word on whether it will arrive in other countries, especially Malaysia. For now it's being sold on Razer’s official store in Taobao, with the peripherals being sold at 699 yuan (~MYR413) for the keyboard and the mouse and mousepad combo priced at 399 yuan (~MYR236).

This article was sourced by Lowyat.