Rapere: Your very own drone hunter and interceptor

While the idea is rather controversial, the evil in us find it most appealing
Rapere: Your very own drone hunter and interceptor

In further proof there are some of us who just want to watch the world burn, a (slightly shady) bunch of drone developers have come up with a novel idea: to sell a drone whose function is to find, and disable, other drones.

Why would you want to do that? Well, with the proliferation of drones everywhere, short of waving a stick or slingshotting the things out of the air where you are, they say if you can't fight them, join them. The device called the Rapere works by dropping tangle lines onto the pesky other drones and forcing the latter to drop out of the sky,

Overzealous or cool idea?

Rapere: Your very own drone hunter and interceptor

On perusing their website, you get a simple explanation from the Rapere's creators but very little about the people behind the drone.

Are they disgruntled with the proliferation of drones? Do they see a market for anti-drone measures? Isn't this taking the "get off my lawn" ethos too far?

Still, the good news is that not just anyone will be able to procure a Rapere. You have to show proof of legitimate usage - like, say, you're not some weirdo who's going to fly the drone into other people's yards to scare their dogs.

The slightly scary news is that the developers believe their drone is so effective that the target drones won't be able to evade interception.

Genius or madness? All we can say is that 2015 looks to be a very interesting year indeed.

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[Source: Digitaltrends]