Ralph Lauren’s new smart t-shirt tracks your health

The luxury clothing maker will take to the US Open to showcase its latest design
Ralph Lauren’s new smart t-shirt tracks your health

As if Ralph Lauren’s tees don’t look hip and trendy already, it’s created one that gives you feedback about your health in addition to being fashionable.

What this wearable t-shirt, named Polo Tech Smart Shirt, does is track your heart rate and your stress levels, supervise the number of calories you’ve burned and more without the need for an external strap-on monitor.

What it has are sensors such as a gyroscope, accelerometer, and a heart rate monitor packed into a black box that’s clipped on to the t-shirt. This, together with silver coated thread woven into the tee’s fiber, picks up and transmits the data to an accompanying iOS app via Bluetooth.   

Ralph Lauren says the black box has enough battery juice to endure 30 hours of use; however, it’s only water resistant, so you’ll need to take it off the tee prior to dumping the top into the washing machine.

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Is it time to grab one?

Ralph Lauren’s new smart t-shirt tracks your health

Before you run off to the nearest Ralph Lauren store to grab one, take a minute to read this; the Polo Tech Smart Shirt won’t be available in mainstream retail stores until early next year (sorry to dash your dreams).

Also, they won’t come in the iconic pastel-coloured regular Polos you’re used to seeing. The Polo Tech Smart Shirt is more of a tight fit and sleek athletic workout top for the gym or running track.

On the bright side, you can admire them on the tennis court at the US Open later this year. Apparently professional American singles tennis player Marcos Giron and a number of ball boys (oh come on, stop sniggering, you're no longer a kid) will be showing off their physiques in these tees.

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[Source and image: Business Insider, second image: Apple Insider]