"R2-D2, fetch me a drink"

Yes, it’s true – look what’s rolled out at the CES this week. A life-size R2-D2 fridge!

Our perception of “cool” just moved a notch higher.

What you see here is R2-D2 of Star Wars fame, only way cooler. What could be cooler than R2-D2? Well, this droid isn’t just beeps and bots. It’s also a 1/1 scale refeidgeratir! *Refridgerator! *Refrigerator!.

We’re clearly too excited to type right. This droid is courtesy of Haier, currently enthralling visitors at the CES 2016.

This little fridge-bot’s movements and effects are remote-controlled, with lights and sound that remain faithful to the original in Star Wars (not that we’d complain about the accent of someone who fetches us our drinks).

The R2-D2 refrigerator can chill up to six cans of beverage while moving freely in any direction for two hours on full charge. It features a built-in 720p HD projector with an aspect ratio of 16:9, perfect for viewing parties. It supports Miracast for Android (we think this is a good enough reason for Apple fanboys to switch to the Dark Side).

The R2-D2 fridge needs to be pre-booked. It comes with a serial number, making it a collectible item for any serious fan, and is likely to cost a galaxy. For true-blue fans, there’s even more Star Wars tech lined up at the Haier store.

The rest of us can simply drool.