Quikkly tries to make QR code scanning sexy again

Free app lets you create special tags that will perform actions when embedded codes are scanned
Quikkly tries to make QR code scanning sexy again

New UK startup Quikkly thinks it can do better than the standard QR code. Its founders, Ken Johnstone and Fergal Walker are pushing an app to scan what they call an Action Tag. The tag will then work to perform an action like adding a contact, following someone on Twitter or instantly connecting to a public Wifi hotspot

Quick scan, quick actions

Sounds pretty clever, though, it’s slightly worrying that a mere scan could bypass the usual user steps. But the company says that you will know just what to expect before you make a scan with Quikkly. So at the very least, they can make an informed decision. That will teach us to not random scan things with our smartphones, though.

How will companies use the app? You’ll need Quikkly to create the Action Tags but to scan a tag, an app only needs to be Quikkly enabled.

Quikkly is free to use, whether for scanning or creating Action Tags. Eventually, though, its makers plan to shop a paid version to companies that will work via a subscription model. It will include such extras such as additional analytics.

The app isn't available openly on app stores so if you'd like to give Quikkly and its Action Tagging a try, visit the website to request a download link.

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[Source: Techcrunch]