Quick nostalgia fix: Play the first level of Super Mario 64 HD in your browser

If you remember the frustration of this particular level, relive the pain all you want

Despite a terrible Hollywood Mario film adaptation, nothing has dimmed the iconic status of Nintendo's Mario series. If you feel like a quick bout of Mario, then an enterprising Unity developer named Erik Roystan Ross recreated the first level of Super Mario 64 HD in the Unity engine. What does that mean? You get to play it in your browser.

Fun, quick Goomba-ing

While it's not a perfect reproduction, this one level is close enough to the original to bring back memories especially if you've played the beginning too many times to recall.

Missing from this level: red coins, Big Bom-omb and the Chain Chomp. To have your own Mario times, just download the level from Ross' website for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There's even a browser version as well, though you will need to download the Unity web player.

It's a neat way to pass the time though of course if you want the full experience, plenty of emulators exist online though it won't quite be the same as pulling out that old GameBoy. Have fun enjoying a Mario moment!

[Source: Techcrunch]